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Powered by iPlant


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Through Powered by iPlant, third-party projects can leverage the iPlant cyberinfrastructure — user authentication system, large data storage, high-performance job execution framework, and semantic web technology — to provide services to their users. Additionally, projects can request iPlant host their resources on iPlant's virtualization environment to make them available to their users or to the larger community.

  • Authentication system: provides secure single sign on between your application and all other iPlant services
  • Data Store: store, share and distribute large amounts of data
  • High-performance job execution framework: execute analyses on High Performance Computing resources
  • Semantic web: be discovered by others seeking a type of service, type of input data, or type of output data
  • Service hosting: integrate your services with iPlant's

Projects requesting support under Powered by iPlant must have the programming expertise to use iPlant APIs available for the services, as well as the resources to maintain their sites.

Some current projects that are Powered by iPlant include:

To request that your project be Powered by iPlant, please complete this webform. Requests are reviewed on an ongoing basis and are answered within one month. For questions or to explore whether Powered by iPlant might benefit your project and its users, please contact iPlant.