iPlant Tree of Life (iPToL)

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iPlant Tree of Life

Knowledge of evolutionary relationships is fundamental to biology, yielding new insights across the plant sciences, from comparative genomics and molecular evolution, to plant development, to the study of ecosystems.

The iPlant Tree of Life (iPToL) Grand Challenge Project has organized intellectual investment from the phylogenetics and computer sciences communities to help construct a cyberinfrastructure capable of scaling up phylogenetic tree inference methods by 100-fold or more. iPToL enables the dissemination of data associated with such large trees (as many as 500,000 plants), and enables "post-tree" analysis method such as phylogenetic comparative methods and tree reconciliation to help integrate the plant tree of life with other botanical sciences.

Unraveling the evolutionary relationships among all living things on such a scale, is one of the largest scientific challenges ever undertaken. 

iPToL Steering Committee

Name Role Institution
Pamela Soltis External Faculty
University of Florida
Doug Soltis External Faculty
University of Florida
Michael Donoghue External Faculty
Yale University
Val Tannen External Faculty
University of Pennsylvania
Alexandros Stamatakis External Faculty
Heidelberger Intitut für Theoretische Studien
Todd Vision External Faculty
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Bill Piel External Faculty
Peabody Museum, Yale University
Brian Enquist External Faculty
The University of Arizona