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Discovery Environment


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The Discovery Environment (DE) is the primary web interface and platform to access the powerful computing, storage, and analysis application resources of iPlant's cyberinfrastructure. The DE is designed to facilitate data exploration and scientific discovery by providing:

  • analytical tools that can be used individually or in workflows,
  • seamless access to the iPlant Data Store,
  • flexibility to run tools on local or high-performance computing nodes, as appropriate,
  • collaboration tools for sharing data, workflows, analysis results, and data visualizations with collaborators or with the community at large.

Because the DE is integrated with iPlant's data management system and compute resources, researchers can access tools and data with an unprecedented degree of scalability. In the future, the DE will employ provenance tracking of both primary and derived files to track and reproduce experiments.


  • Access to hundreds of command-line analytical tools and workflows,
  • Analysis tools for clustering and network analysis, QTL mapping and GWAS, sequence alignments and phylogenetic tree building, NGS, phylogenetic comparative methods and trait evolution,
  • Access to utility tools and scripts,
  • Ability to easily add any command-line tool into the tool catalog and create a new interface for it,
  • Integrated access to compute power and storage to run experiments on your data and share results in one place,
  • Application programming interfaces (APIs) for tool integration, resource-intensive analyses, or workflow building,
  • Computational power for your analyses on iPlant clusters or on TACC supercomputers, as appropriate,
  • Extensive online documentation and tutorials,
  • A community forum for posting questions and answers

Development Team:

Name Role Institution
Sriram Srinivasan Software Engineer/Team Lead University of Arizona
Tony Edgin Software Engineer University of Arizona
Dennis Roberts Senior Software Engineer University of Arizona
Paul Sarando Software Engineer University of Arizona
Jonathan Strootman Software Engineer University of Arizona
John Wregglesworth Software Engineer University of Arizona
Jerry Schneider QA Manager University of Arizona
Rob Bovill Performance Test Engineer University of Arizona
Victor Cordero Performance Test Engineer University of Arizona
Kathleen Kennedy Documentation Coordinator/QA Analyst University of Arizona